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Creative Marketing (R)

Since my new book releases next month, I've been thinking (a lot) about marketing. It seems to me that we must be just as creative in this phase as we were when plotting the novel, just as bold in approaching various venues as we were when seeking an agent. It's a bit daunting.

Here's what I've learned, or at least what I think I've learned.

No book will fit every venue every time. You have to choose where you'll expend your energies and forget trying to sell to every… Continue

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Reading Straight Through

I'm always flattered when a reader tells me he/she couldn't put one of my books down. It 's a high compliment to be told I caused a person to be so caught up in a story that he couldn't stop until the end. The best books, of course make us rather sad to get to that last page, but we rush ahead to it anyway, accepting the inevitable destination in exchange for the excitement of the journey.

I mentioned that I'm reading THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON by Kate Morton, and I was reluctant to put… Continue

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Author Friends and Making Friends

I don't mean the people I know who are authors, although they are great friends, great resources, and great fun. I mean the authors whose books you anticipate, whose work you already know you want to read. They won't disappoint you; you'll be lost in their world, making it yours for the duration of the book.

I have a long list of them, and the list keeps growing. I have to remind myself to look for new authors, too, but it's tempting to buy the work of those I trust. I guess that's… Continue

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