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Working on a True Crime

Wow! Yes, this is exciting. I am working on some additional details for a true crime book. I sent the proposal to Michaela Hamilton at Kensington for their Pinnacle Books line. I have a little to add on to the chapter summary and then I hope it's a sale.

I won't tell you the case until I get it sold but I've been following it from the first day's press and it's a doozy. If everything pans out, I'll write a short blog on what I've done, what I'm doing and how it… Continue

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Just Finished One Daunting Task and One New Endeavor

I had to change the email I've been using since 1990. Geez, I must have my name and books on over 1200 websites. I have no idea how it will play out. If you know me, I am no longer: but I am now: Yes, believe it or not, I went from dial-up to satellite. I just hope my future success moves as f-a-s-t. Anyway, can I really change all site addresses I'm on? probably not. That's just the… Continue

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New Blog: Womenincrimeink


Announcing a unique crime blog March 10, 2008:


Set to launch on Monday, March 10, 2008, at

Contact: or 713/444-8700

Profiling the nation’s most intriguing criminals . . . interviewing killers, survivors, witnesses, and… Continue

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I've Been Working on Making a Book

Yeah, it's been awhile since I've been here. Since the last

visit, my son and his wife had a baby and that makes me a _ _ _ _ _

mother but I don't allow anyone to call me that so they call me the

"Ancient Mariner," which is very confusing because I'm not anywhere

near a marina.

And I've also been making a book, and in the tradition that all authors

are forced to be in nowadays, I am going to plug the damn thing. But

it's great (of course), and there is… Continue

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Behind the Cover

I'm trying to get the skinny on pseudonyms. Okay, I get it when a woman

uses her initials instead of her name because of the presumed bias of

book reviews (since I've been a reporter for Sisters in Crime media

review for over three years now, I can say that: the men are winning in

the major newspapers for book review articles and inches people).

But my question really isn't about that. What are the advantages of

writing under a different name? I have… Continue

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Back to High School

I spoke to five science classes at Lakeside High School the other

day. It was the day before spring break and held in a library with very

little air circulating. I walk around when I speak and could feel the

rivulets of sweat running down my midriff.

The classes combined equalled about 150 students. My talk that day was

about the forensic science field, our state lab, what the jobs are,

some of the specifics, and the odd little details. I made sure to… Continue

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