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Writing a Tech Mystery

My first mystery novel, Null_Pointer, debuts at my local, independent bookstore at the end of the month. I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain there aren't many mystery books out there where the hero is a computer programmer. I may be carving a new niche for myself. Regardless, there were some interesting challenges in crafting a mystery around the premise of killing someone with computer code.

It was the perfect… Continue

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Null_Pointer Month

In the weeks heading up to the official release party for my mystery novel, Null_Pointer, my blogs are alive with all kinds of interesting posts.

On My View, the novel is being serialized Mon-Fri and on Tues and Thurs, I'm interviewing characters from the book.

On the official Joshua Jones Mystery Novels blog, I am giving readers a behind the scenes look at the… Continue

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Building an Audience

Thanks to the tireless efforts of my designer, Byron McConnell, and all those who have seen the cover and commented on it, the NP cover is now complete. I opted to go for the techy, iconic look instead of cheapening the story with a blood splatter or other typical genre icons, like guns and knives. My hope is to lure folks who love computers and technology into the Mystery genre with a high-tech story about that features a programmer sleuth.

It is a gamble that could pay off… Continue

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Marcus Sakey

Just read through author Marcus Sakey's Celestial Navigation page on things to keep in mind while writing. This is great advice and I will come back to it often. I think I will read one of Sakey's novels next.

In the mean time, spending my time hacking on my SF novel, Tyrmia. I suspect that I will need to get it done quickly, so I can focus on another mystery after the release of Null_Pointer this… Continue

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