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Buckley, Fiona - TO SHIELD THE QUEEN

TO SHIELD THE QUEEN (Historical Mystery-England-1500s) – G+

Buckley, Fiona – 1st of series

Pocket Books, 1978- Paperback

Mistress Ursula Blanchard, a new member to the court of Elizabeth I, has been asked to stay with Robin Dudley's ailing wife Amy. There are rumors that Dudley is trying to kill Amy

to clear his way for a possible marriage to Elizabeth I. But when Amy dies of a broken neck and Ursula

sends a letter to court…


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Gardner, Lisa - ALONE

ALONE (Thriller-New York City-Cont) – VG

Gardner, Lisa – Standalone

Bantam, 2004 – Hardcover

Trooper Bobby Dodge, a trained sniper/observer with the Massachusetts State Police Special Tactics and Operations Team, has been called to a domestic dispute where gunshots were reported./. But nothing has trained him for the aftermath

of killing the man, Bobby was certain, about to kill his wife Catharine and,

perhaps, his son. The…


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Goodin, Phillip - DEATH OF KINGS

DEATH OF KINGS (Historical Mystery-1600s) – G+

Goodin, Phillip – 2nd of series

Robinson, 2001- UK Trade Paperback

Nick Revill, an actor with The Chamberlain's Men, is caught up in the politics of the day as Queen Elizabeth I is aging and feared to die without an heir. He is asked to serve as

a spy for the government against those suspected of having their own plans for

the Queen's successor.…


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Higgins, Jack (aka Harry Patterson) - BROUGHT IN DEAD

BROUGHT IN DEAD (Police Proc-England-1960s) – G

Higgins, Jack (originally published under Harry Patterson- 21st book

Berkley Publishing Group, 2004 (reprint from 1967)- Paperback

Det. Sargeant Nick Miller removes the body of a young woman, an apparent suicide, from the river where her body has been found. It soon becomes clear she had tried to secret her identity. Once he learns her name

and notify her family, the father becomes…


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Housewright, David - PENANCE

PENANCE (Private Investigator-Minnesota-Cont) – G+

Housewright, David – 1st in series

Foul Play Press, 1995- Hardcover

Holland Taylor, a former cop turned private, is brought in for questioning about the murder of a man who had been released after serving time for driving drunk and killing Taylor's

wife and child. Taylor realizes he's been set up by the cops

to find the killer, but things become very interesting when the trail involves



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Jardine, Quintin - SKINNER'S FESTIVAL

SKINNER'S FESTIVAL (Police Proc-Scotland-Cont) – G+

Jardine, Quintin – 2nd of series

St. Martin's Press, 1995- Hardcover

Assistant Chief Constable Robert Skinner is head of CID and security advisor to the Secretary of State. He, and his team, is faced with terrorist threats that turn murderous during Edinburgh's popular August Festival, which

attracts thousands of tourists. But in

spite of the terrorists missives saying they are demanding a free…


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THE MUSIC BOX MURDERS (Amateur Sleuth/Doctor-New York/London-Cont) – G+

Karp, Larry – 1st mystery

A Write Way Publishing Book, 1999– Unedited ARC

Neurologist Dr. Thomas Purdue is an avid collector of antique music boxes. His two-week vacation begins with the news that a fellow collector has been murdered, and

receiving a call about a rare music box being available. It becomes immediately apparent the two

events are linked and…


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TONIGHT I SAID GOODBYE (Private Investigators-US-Cont) – Ex

Koryta, Michael – 1st in series

Thomas Dunne Books, 2004 – Hardcover

Private investigators Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard have been hired by John Weston to provide that his son, also a private investigator, did not commit suicide and to locate his missing daughter-in-law and

granddaughter. With the help of

journalist Amy Ambrose, the case involves them with one of…


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McBain, Ed - HARK!

HARK! (Police Procedural-Fictional City-Cont) – G

McBain, Ed – 54th in series

Simon & Schuster, 2004- Hardcover

The members of the 87th precinct are receiving notes, lots of notes. Some are quotes from Shakespeare, some are anagrams, some are palindromes, and all are from the Deaf Man once again challenging the 87th to

figure out what he's going to do and when.

This is not the book with which to…


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Sansom, C. J. - DARK FIRE

DARK FIRE (Amateur Sleuth-Lawyer-England-1500s) - VG

Sansom, C. J. – 2nd in series

McMillan, 2004- Hardcover

Matthew Shardlake is asked to defend Elizabeth, a girl accused of killing her cousin. However, she is unwilling to speak at all and is facing torture. But

Matthew is approached by Thomas Cromwell and offered a 12-day reprieve for Elizabeth in exchange for

Matthew locating Dark Fire, also known as Greek Fire, a…


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Wolstencroft, David - GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS (Suspense-England-France/Canada-Cont) – G+

Wolstencroft, David – 1st book

Dutton, 2004- Hardcover

Charlie Miller and George Shaw are two men working in a photo-processing booth. They also happen to be two secret agents, although neither knows about the other. But when each receives orders to kill the

other, they decide to go on the run together.

Wolstencroft, the writer of MI-5…


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Zeltserman, Dave - FAST LANE

FAST LANE (Private Invest-Denver-Cont) – G

Zeltserman, Dave – Standalone

Pointblank, 2004 – Hardcover

Private Investigator Johnny Lane has become famous in Denver due to his monthly columns talking about his cases.

Unfortunately, he also happens to be a psychopath. When a young woman asks for his help finding

her birth parents, with whom it turns out Johnny was involved, things get ugly



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