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Butcher, Jim – PROVEN GUILTY

PROVEN GUILTY (Fantasy-Chicago) – VG

Butcher, Jim – 8th in series

ROC, 2006 – Hardcover

Harry is now on the White Council of Wizards and witnesses the execution of a young man for using black magic. Afterwards, Harry is asked to investigate rumors of other uses of black magic in the city. When the daughter of Harry friends is

involved, more is at stake than just Harry’s life.

I love this series; I…


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Grace, C. L. (aka P.C. Doherty) - A SHRINE OF MURDERS

A SHRINE OF MURDERS (Amateur Sleuth-England-1471) – G+

Grace, C. L. (aka P.C. Doherty) - 1st of series

St. Martin’s Press, 1993-Hardcover

Kathryn Swinbrook is a physician in 15th century Canterbury. Pilgrims come from everywhere to visit the shrine of Thomas Beckett, and someone is killing them and leaving short poems pinned to the Cathedral doors. Kathryn,

along with Irishman and soldier for the crown Colum Murtagn, is asked by…


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Hurley, Graham - TURNSTONE

TURNSTONE (Police Procedural-U.K.-Cont) – G

Hurley, Graham - 1st of series

Orion, 2000- UK Hardcover

Joe Faraday is a Detective Inspector in Portsmouth, a town beset with violence, drugs and an police force that’s understaffed and whose officers have problems of their own. Young Emma Maloney’s father

has disappeared but she’s having a hard time getting anyone to take

notice. However, when a boat off on it’s

own during a…


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DEATH WITHOUT COMPANY (Police Procedural-Wyoming-Cont) – VG

Johnson, Craig - 2nd of series

Viking, 2006-Hardcover

Sheriff Walter Longmire receives a call from his mentor, good friend and the previous Sheriff, Lucian Connally. Lucian demands that Walt investigate the death of Mari Baroja, a fellow resident at the Durant Home for

Assisted Living. Lucian and Walt were

married very briefly when they were young.…


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Jurjevics, Juris – THE TRUDEAU VECTOR

THE TRUDEAU VECTOR (Suspense-Canada-Cont) – G

Jurjevics, Juris – 1st book

Viking, 2006 – Hardcover

Dr. Jessica Hanley, an American epidemiologist, has been asked to Trudeau Research Center at the Arctic

Circle. Four of the

scientists have been found on the ice—dead in a way no one can identify what

may have killed them. The fear is of a

fast-moving epidemic that must be identified and stopped. But what is a Russian…


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King, Jonathon – SHADOW MEN

SHADOW MEN (Police Procedural-Florida-Cont) – VG

King, Jonathon – 3rd in series

Dutton, 2004 - Hardcover

Former policeman Max Freeman is now a private investigator living in a shack in the Everglades of Florida and taking occasional cases as a favor to his childhood friend, attorney Billy Manchester. Billy has been asked by a young man, Mark

Mayes, to find out what happened to his great-grandfather and two uncles…


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Kingdom, Will – THE COLD CALLING

THE COLD CALLING (Police Procedural-England-Cont) – DNF

Kingdom, Will – Standalone

Corgi Books, 1998- Paperback

Detective Inspector Bobby Maiden, the victim of a hit and run, dies. Upon being revived is memories of death are not of a bright light and family waiting, but of a

horrible place no one would be anxious to go back to. But will his experience enable him to solve

the serial murders by The Green Man.…


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THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (Police Procedural-Venice, Italy-Cont) – G+

Leon, Donna – 15th in series

William Heinemann, 2006- UK Hardcover

Commissario Guido Brunetti helps Inspectore Vianello’s friend, Marco, who has been arrested for protesting against chemical pollution of the Venetian lagoon. Marco is

released for lack of evidence, much to the rage of his father-in-law, the owner

of a glass factory on Murano. Marco’s



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MacBride, Stuart – DYING LIGHT

DYING LIGHT (Police Procedural-Scotland-Cont) – G+

MacBride, Stuart – 2nd in series

Harper Collins, 2006- UK Hardcover

DS Logan McRae was once thought to be a golden boy but, because of a botched raid, is now is on the “Screwed-Up Squad.” Someone screwed shut the door and windows of a squat and burned to death the six people inside. There are also prostitutes being brutally

murdered. McRae is determined to solve

the crimes…


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Maron, Margaret – HOME FIRES

HOME FIRES (Traditional Mystery-North Carolina-Cont) - VG

Maron, Margaret – 6th in series

Mysterious Press, 1998 – Hardcover

Judge Deborah Knott’s nephew and his two friends are arrested for damaging gravestones and paint spraying racial slurs and symbols on them. A black church, on which

similar symbols have been sprayed, is burned the three are immediate

suspects. When a second church is

burned and people die, Deborah…


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THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS (Suspense-Kansas-Cont) – Ex

Pickard, Nancy – Standalone

Ballantine Books, 2006- Hardcover

During the winter of 1987 in Small Plains, Kansas, Rex Shellenberger, while looking for newborn calves, finds the body of a beautiful, dead girl whom he recognizes.

Mitch Newquist and Abby Reynolds are teenagers who’ve been in love for

years and have decided to finally become intimate.…


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Rosenfelt, David – SUDDEN DEATH

SUDDEN DEATH (Legal Thriller-New Jersey-Cont) – G+

Rosenfelt, David – 4th in series

Mysterious Press, 2005- Hardcover

Defense Attorney Andy Carpenter is called to the home of NY Giant’s Kenny Schilling who is in an armed standoff with the police. Andy conveniences Kenny to surrender and agrees to defend him when they find the body of New York Jets Tony Preston in

the closet and Kenny insists he’s innocent. Andy definitely has his…


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Schwegel, Theresa – OFFICER DOWN

OFFICER DOWN (Police Procedural-Chicago-Cont) – Ok

Schwegel, Theresa – 1st book

St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2005- Hardcover

Officer Samatha Mack is called in from her day off to go out on call with her former partner, Fred Maloney. They go after a pedophile, Trovic.

Sam wakes up in the hospital with a head injury, Fred has been killed

and the bullet came from Sam’s gun. After

her and her married lover…


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