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Homage To Raymond (You Said It All, And Less)

Approximation of 'Double Indemnity', or at least the essence (I know the screenwriting credits were shared with Billy Wilder, but it's got Chandler's prints all over it) : Mrs. Dietrichson:"I didn't know I loved you til now." Neff; "Since when?" Mrs Dietrichson: "When I couldn't pull the trigger the second time."

'The Big Sleep'.....

Philip Marlowe: I could make it my business. Eddie Mars: I could make your business mine. Philip Marlowe: Oh, you wouldn't like it. The pay's too… Continue

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I saw 'There Will Be Blood' yesterday......

....was very underwhelmed. And what has that got to do with crime fiction? Everything has got to do with crime fiction except the things that turn out to let us down. Hamlet without a murder would have been a narrative with MacCaullay Culkin and Hannah Montana, and that would be a crime worse than the original, but of a different sort, which brings me back to the reason I climbed this soapbox. (Warning: spoilers ahead, except the film is so confused by it's own script it doesn't matter,…

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Gray Man In A Pastel World

I was exchanging views the other day with one of my friends on this site about 'Miami Vice' as a satire of itself. He said jokingly not to call it a satire. Then, I happened to remember that they were filming a scene for the new CSi:Miami, a year or two ago down by the beach on Biscayne Bay and a real body floated into the set. Which made me think about Alanis Morrisette, which as a music fan I hardly ever do, and her song, 'Ironic.' Some critcs said that she obviously did not know the true… Continue

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