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5.0 out of 5 stars Reminded me of the Golden Age of Detective Novels!, August 6, 2009

By Carole Gill (England) Author - See all my reviews

Memoirs of Bear reads like the best of the golden age detective novels.

There are few Detectives as interesting as Bear Williams, part Apache--and all American hero! He's hugely engaging.

It seemed to me as I read the novel,… Continue

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Just a short note to let you know that MOB:NMN is finally available at I've been working on getting it off the shelf and into some hands all day and I'm pooped... If you pick up a copy, enjoy. I'm hitting the sack.

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Release Date on MEMOIRS of BEAR: Nueces Means Nuts

MYTHICA PUBLISHING notified me that the release date on my mystery novel MEMOIRS OF BEAR: Nueces Means Nuts has moved from the Coming Soon! status to a real target date. Release of the ebook and print book are scheduled for release on the 15th of June, 2009. I am sure that it won't hit Amazon for a few days later, but that is just the way their stocking system works.

Needless to say I am excited. I have all the jitters, second thoughts and twitches that go along with the… Continue

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My short story THE RETIREMENT PLAN has been accepted by Tears For the Void, the new sci-fi magazine published by our friends at Mythica Publishing. I was happily surprised by the decision to use it since it is a new genre for me.

It is a simple little tale about a couple of guys on the verge of retirement from the military and their plans for world domination.

This news created more excitement in my son than getting my book published. Science Fiction, now I've accomplished… Continue

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The Short Story From Hell completed at last-Short exerpt included FREE*FREE*FREE

Finally I convinced the characters in THAT DAMN CALLAHAN GIRL to behave and act the way I thought they should. It was a long and arduous struggle, but they finally all complied. It should be ready to submit after a few days cooling off period and some tweaking to improve a couple of rough spots. It is a first person ramble that has a couple of long speeches from people who are narrating action when the protagonist is not present and I need to smooth out some bumps there, but the most… Continue

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Slow days full of self indulgence and motorcyle shopping

I am ashamed of myself for being so lazy the last few weeks. I've got one book on the 'please read me' circuit and a short story that's been about three days from completion for a month now. I don't even have a good excuse. My back is better than it's been in years since I got some treatment.

I think the lay off I was forced to take when I was hurt has involuntarily extended itself. Or I've just been lazy.

I do have someone looking at my book. A full manuscript was… Continue

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Brain better, Back still Sucks

I am slowly getting better and have discovered a position in the recliner that enables me to use the laptop and get some work done. It isn't perfect and I can't do it all day long, but it's a lot better than it was. I cranked out another three hundred words yesterday that weren't absolutely terrible. Of course, using the laptop I have to type everything twice because my fingers aren't used to the keyboard and my sentences tend to come out looking like 'omm omblitz gonna' blew tghe shet outta'… Continue

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Brain fails to engage when back hurts.

My efforts on a current short story project have been somewhat curtailed due to a blown out back. I can't find a comfortable place to sit and type and for some reason the brain fails to engage when I try to use the laptop in bed. It may have something to do with the la-la pills I'm taking.

I'm getting in about a half hour a day at the old typing monster before I have to call it quits, but I'm getting a few words out. Nothing like my normal output.

It does give me an… Continue

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