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Understanding CSI: Creating a Believeable Crime Scene

TV shows like CSI are entertaining, but they give an unrealistic impression of how evidence is really collected and how crime scenes are managed. Catching crooks isn't easy--it takes a lot of work and effort on the part of the police and the lab. 

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Two New Hardbacks Stone of Vengeance and The Devil's Game

I am pleased to announce the arrival of our two new novels, Stone of Vengeance and The Devil's Game. Stone of Vengeance is a modern-day Western set in Wyoming. It centers around cattle rustling, which still goes on around there. In earlier days, gunslinger Tom Horn was hired by cattle barons to put an end to rustling. He placed a stone beneath the heads of the men he killed. Now, in present day Wyoming someone is mimicking his style by killing a wealthy cattle rancher and placing a stone… Continue

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Two New Novels

My sister and I have two new novels that will be released this summer. Stone of Vengeance is a modern day mystery with a western setting and will be published by Robert Hale in late July. The Devil's Game is a Western and will be published by Avalon Books in August.

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New Release The Devil's Gate Available on Kindle

I have a new book out titles THE DEVIL'S GATE, a gothic mystery set in Nevada. It will be available on Kindle as well as in paperback. Loretta and I also have a new mystery soon to be released from Robert Hale, STONE OF VENGEANCE, which is set in Wyoming. We are currently at work on a new mystery.

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New Projects include Western Mystery Anthology

The Curse of Senmut, set in Egypt, is in the editing phase and should be out soon. In addition, Loretta and I have just completed an anthology of short stories. In this anthology, Jeff McQuede, a modern day sheriff with old-time values makes his debut. Possibly, a full-length book will follow. We are seeking a publisher for this anthology.

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New Books coming out

I've been very busy with two new books scheduled to come out. The Curse of Senmut: an Ardis Cole Mystery will be released in October from Mundania Press. My co-author Loretta Jackson and I are thrilled about having a paperback copy of this one, which first came out in audio. It is set in Egypt. My other soon to be released book is The Devil's Gate, which will be out the following year from Whiskey Creek Press. It's a gothic romance, one of my favorite kind of books. We're going to be starting a… Continue

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