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Houston, We Have An Editor!

posted by Jeanne Munn Bracken

Over 20 years ago, I got the call that every writer dreams about. An editor at Oxford University Press was interested in publishing my Children with Cancer: A Reference Guide for Parents. I did the happy dance all over the place. Her name was Shelley Reinhardt, and over the next couple of years we polished off the book and sent it out into the world, where it garnered very nice reviews and is still sort of in print. I drifted into fulltime library…


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Thinking Small

posted by Doranna Durgin

I have learned to think small, and it is good. "What?" you say? *blink* you say?

Small press, that is. After a career of MMPBs and the occasional hardcover, I've found small press.

It started with Nose for Trouble. NFT was one of those projects that illustrated just how many ways one author can be screwed by many large publishing houses. Initially, submissions were solicited by an editor on a concept…


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The Cover Tease

posted by Lorraine Bartlett

Pretty soon (this week?) my first published cozy mystery will be listed on Amazon. The world won't stop revolving--you won't even be able to pre-order it (that happens a few weeks later). But it's a BIG deal to me.

I'm not certain how soon after the announcement they upload the cover, but that's the next BIG step. A few weeks ago, my Writers Plot collegue Doranna Durgin shared her…


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Bella Donna

Posted by Sheila Connolly

Okay, I'll admit it: I have become a rock groupie.

Groupie_photos_002 I mentioned in my last blog that I had recently bought a concert t-shirt. It came from a Stevie Nicks concert, held not far from where I live.

Despite the fact that I came of age during one of the great eras of rock-and-roll history, I never went to concerts. (Note:…


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Making Magic

posted by guest blogger Jennifer Roberson

As an only child, I found it perfectly natural to create imaginary playmates. I made up huge story arcs for my favorite three, and I have a very clear memory of these friends accompanying us when we moved to Arizona in 1957. In fact, one of them reflected a concern that apparently was foremost in my 4-year-old mind: on the trip he was bitten by a rattlesnake. But in time my three invisible playmates were…


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