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Food Porn

Posted by Sheila Connolly

(Following Kate Flora's lovely post) Has anybody noticed that television food shows recently have been getting more and more erotic? No, not all of them, but a significant number. All those opening shots of glistening, colorful vegetables, slabs of succulent meat, handsome potatoes and stacks of intricate pasta. And then there are the chefs... How did this happen?

In the good old days, there was Julia Child. No one will…


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Cooking Things Up

Posted by guest blogger Kate Flora

Sometime around early November, when the leaves are sailing down from the trees and the air grows nippy, I move my attention from the pleasures of the perennial gardens to the pleasures of the kitchen. In spring and summer, I'm so challenged by the job of balancing dedicated writing time with time spent gardening that I resent having to also keep house and prepare meals. This is when I entertain fantasies of…


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Time On My Mind

posted by Jeanne

I can't speak for the rest of the country, but many of us on the East Coast have been shuffling around for the past week as if in a trance. We're Red Sox Nation and we've been through division championships, league championships and finally the World Series.

Of course we're glad that The Olde Home Team won the big trophy. Personally, and I note here that I've been a Sox fan for ...let's just say decades and leave it at that, I was suprised that the Series only…


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