10 reasons to get Julius Katz Mysteries


1) Read this year's Ellery Queen's Readers Choice Award winner, Archie's Been Framed

2) Read last year's Shamus and Derringer winner, Julius Katz

3) Only $0.99 for Kindle, Nook, or Smashword purchase (price going up to $2.99 May 1st)

4) "Both the stories in this volume are a delight, and at this price they're probably the best deal on Amazon." Timothy Hallinan

5) "I'm a big fan, along with many other people, of Dave Zeltserman's character Julius Katz." Ed Gorman

6) "Absolutely fantastic!" Minding Spot

7) "Zeltserman evokes Rex Stout, Nero and Archie in the most fascinating way." Joe Barone

8) "Julius Katz Mysteries are some of the most fun you will ever have reading detective short fiction" David Cramner

9) "In style, wit and charm, Julius Katz comes closer than anything I've read to capturing Stout's bloodless but entertaining riddles"

10) "I enjoyed these two tales so much that I find it a bloody shame there aren't more for me to hunt down and read" Man Eating Bookworm (there will be, Ellery Queen has bought a 3rd Julius Katz story, and the novel is done)


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