To promote my new release, THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY, (LL Publishing), I would like to create a “blog crawl”. Somewhat like a pub crawl, a blog crawl begins at one place--my blog site--and meanders through a lot of similar places, like your site. Unlike a pub crawl, however, no one requires a taxi to get back home at the end. :)
The idea is that I will do a series of posts in February, each one leading to the next and referring to the one before. The posts will be entertaining and challenging and will focus on the English language. I have chosen to call it IS PERFECT ENGLISH DEAD? It will be designed to interest both readers and writers, having fun with the eccentricities of our language. Hopefully, people will join the crawl, visiting all the sites along the way. It’s promotion for my book; it’s exposure for your blog. Symbiosis!
If you would like to join the blog crawl, simply let me know which weekday in February works for you. If you’d like to choose the topic, I have posted a list below.
Weekdays in February)
1. Why Do We Say That? Part I
2. The Dreaded (Overused and Abused) Adverb
3. Eccentric Phrases
4. Losing the Spice
5. Names Into Words
6. Being Precise
7. Same Word/Different Word
8. Portmanteau Words
9. The Possessive Problem
10. Why Do We Say That? Part II
11. Inventing Words
12. He Said, She Panted
13. Read It Aloud
14. Repetition
15. The Ones Spell Check Won’t Catch
16. And What About Contractions?
17. Slowing Readers—Bad Policy
18. Dialogue and What It Reveals
19. Metaphors: Beautiful, Extended, and Stretched to Breaking
20. Why Do We Say That? Part III

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