My goal is to get my new release The Arranger on Amazon’s Top 100 Thriller list. I think I’m close and just need a little bump. The e-book is only $2.99, has great reviews, and a 4.5-star rating—so it’s a good deal and a good read. ☺ (The first chapter is featured in this month's Suspense magazine.) But to sweeten the pot, I’m offering a chance to win a $25 gift card from Amazon (or other retailer) to anyone who buys the e-book before midnight Pacific Time on Friday, Sept. 9.


To enter the contest, you can forward me the Amazon (or any other retailer) email as a receipt—or copy and paste the relevant proof of purchase in an email and send that.  ljsellers.novelist @


Buy it from Amazon.


Latest review from a well-respected book reviewer and editor:

"Sometimes I hate picking up a new book -- when I discover that I have to fight with myself to put the book down, the times when I find I can't go back to work or can't go to sleep because the book has grabbed me and simply won't let me go. Such is the case with The Arranger, the new thriller from L.J. Sellers.

 I reviewed Sellers' writing earlier, calling her a 5-star indie author. (See On Books: Detective Jackson Grows and Grows for my earlier review.) The Arranger simply cements her 5-star status.

 The Arranger stars Lara Evans, a homicide detective in the "Detective Jackson" series, now retired and working as a freelance paramedic. I don't know how Sellers came up with the idea of a series of games as the framework for the story, but I found it reminiscent, in a very broad sense, of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

 The Arranger is different in every way from the "Detective Jackson" series, but it is as satisfying as any book in the series. The characters are well-formed and interesting. The story is compelling and believable. The writing is gripping and refused to let me go. The ending had a twist, one that I never expected. Let me clarify, however, that this is a thriller and not a mystery. The difference is that in a mystery the author tries to keep you guessing who is the bad person; in the thriller, it doesn't matter if you know or if you figure it out early in the book. What counts in a thriller are the relationships and the causes and effects.

 In The Arranger, Sellers has written a top-notch thriller. If you like thrillers, The Arranger is a 5-star-sure-to-please-can't-put-down read."—Richard Adin

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