I love this show. Like obsessively. I have the DVDs and I try to watch it whenever it's on television which is no easy feat because it's almost always on television. Next to my husband, I think Vincent D'Onofrio is one of the hottest dudes out there.

When I read last week that the show may be canceled, I freaked! I hope it doesn't come to pass but I won't be shocked if it does. It seems like so few people actually get the intelligence that is this show. I dig the quirkiness of Goren and the quiet strength of Eames. The other pair of detectives I can take or leave but I still watch them. Here's hoping I'll be able to for awhile longer.

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Comment by norby on March 23, 2007 at 11:46am
I like this show too, my problem with the recent episodes is how they're handling Det. Logan. I had hoped they would do more episodes with Logan and Goren together, bouncing off each other. But, I can understand why they don't. Instead, they want to be all pc and give Logan a female partner, which is never going to work. In all the years Chris Noth was on the original show, he had a male partner, and the dynamic was awesome, Logan just completely overshadows a female partner, no matter how strong the actress.

Honestly, all three of the shows have gotten weaker because they're trying so hard to be relevant and make everyone happy and it's just not working. Like every good show, the older episodes are the best ones.

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