A good question.

My first foray into the world wide web,and I had the amazing good luck to land at 4MA (4 mystery addicts, at Yahoo!)

A minor mishap with my( and others) names, resulted in the list owner, Maddy V.H.(who is great) bestowing my nickname upon me. Given my preference for red wine, it seemed like a good match.(and it sounds a lot more dashing than 'Grants')

Merlot has all of my good points and none of my flaws.She can say things that I might not, and get away with ....well....murder. She lives the life I aspire to, with aplomb,wit and charm.

For example-.

Merrill goes to work, Merlot goes to the track.

Merrill has a family, Merlot has an enterage.

Merrill plays spider solitaire, Merlot plays poker.

Merrill does the dishes, Merlot has Mollymaid on speed dial.

Merrill can't spell, and Merlot.......can't spell

BUT- she's much thinner.

All in all, she's probably a product of menopausal day dreaming, but a character for me to aspire to.

To those of you who don't know me, I'm really not TOTALLY self absorbed- it just looks that way.

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Comment by Mari Sloan on December 31, 2007 at 1:04pm
LOLOL! I love your music list! I have to invite you to my page. I'm going to be hanging around yours playing music!!!!
Happy to meet you, Merlot! I'm Mari.

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