FUNNY? SASSY? SEXY? WITTY? Yup, LONDON FROG is all that...and more

London Frog will have readers groaning, laughing, and scratching their heads…all at the same time. A series of extraordinary plot twists and coincidences…will keep mystery lovers amused all the way to the chase’s delightful end. This sassy, sexy, funny tale will please and entertain.”

--Mystery Scene magazine

“Joseph Pittman’s London Frog is a wry, witty, page-turning caper. Grab a pint (or a martini) and settle in for a fun, fast-paced read.”

--Jeff Abbott, Edgar-nominated author of Fear

“Clever word-play and engaging characters make London Frog a terrific treat. And Todd Gleason can certainly steal from me…starting with my heart. A funny, twisting plot that culminates in an Agatha Christie-like ending on helium.”

--Tamar Myers, author of Hell Hath No Curry

London Frog is a flip, fun, and funny romp. Joseph Pittman writes with a sassy swagger that makes the whole madcap ride a riot—all the way to the final twist.”

--Chris Grabenstein, Anthony Award-winning author of “Tilt-a-Whirl”

London Frog is a lively romp across New York and London with a dimpled con man and his wacky cohorts. Lots of fun in the Westlake spirit and full of surprises until the final page.”

--JoAnna Carl, author of The Chocolate Jewel Case

London Frog is a wild crime caper starring a rogue who finds his latest caper totally out of control from the moment he steps inside his temporary lodging and spins further into chaos. The support cast enhances the zaniness as they take Todd on quite a rowdy ride. Fans who appreciate something offbeat in their thrillers will enjoy Todd’s tale as he struggles with who is conning whom.”

--Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

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