British soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlie Fox is assigned to protect Trey Pelzner, the bratty teenage son of an American computer programmer. From the first chapter, Charlie and Trey are dodging bullets. When she tries to report the attack, Charlie finds the entire protection detail has been compromised. Both Trey's father and Charlie's boss/lover have disappeared, and Charlie stands accused of kidnapping Trey.

Among many highlights, First Drop offers an authentic female, very British first-person perspective on U.S. culture. Charlie could go toe-to-toe with Jack Reacher, but she's also believably vulnerable.

Some of the dialogue was off (several American characters saying things like, "So that means we're in the clear, yeah?", "You weren't expecting that, yeah?")

and some was flat:

"Take it easy, honey."
"I am not your 'honey.'"

But overall a very compelling read, and a series I'll be watching.

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