Here's the first advance review of my novel 'Glastonbury' due for publication by Rain Books in 2008.

Glastonbury – A Review

Glastonbury, where ancient lore clashes with the comings and goings of rock bands and concerts and the weight of centuries hangs in the mist during the mornings. Joe Cutler and his team of professional surveyors at Strata Survey Systems are the best surveyors money can buy, but even they go through a lean patch ever now and then. When millionaire businessman, and patron of a number of other historical projects, Malcolm Capshaw offers them a fair sum of money to find a legendary artefact, how could they refuse?

It almost seems too good to be true, but with no good reason to turn down that kind of money, they decide to humour Capshaw. Everything seems fine, at first, but as the search for this relic continues the events begin to spiral into a course that will lead to certain disaster. Capshaw is not everything he appears to be, and the historian he hired to help Joe and his team is as sinister as they come. Joe and his team seek the help of Lucius Doberman, a flamboyant professor from Oxford, and together they unravel the secrets, and discover that their lives hang in the balance at the hands of historian Walter Graves.

Glastonbury is a story that starts off with Joe and his crew ready to embark upon another project. You feel their excitement at embarking on this new project, however odd it may be. You feel it as the little clues pop up causing each of them to begin to doubt that everything is as it seems. Bit by bit, it pulls you in, just one more page, just one more chapter, and before you know it the whole thing is unfolding towards the epic conclusion.

Brian L. Porter has created a gem of a novel in Glastonbury. It is among his best yet, and a story that is both realistic and epic in its scope. It is chock full of unforgettable characters, and vivid scenes. If there is one book worth buying this year then it is Glastonbury.

While the ghosts of past warriors do battle still, with ethereal swords and fading battle cries; herein lies, guns, sex, murders and gangsters are proving that Glastonbury is not the quiet corner of England that it is made out to be!


--Graeme S. Houston, Publisher: Balderdash International Literary Journal.

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