It's time to share what I hate about Christmas, and I make no excuses for it.

I hate decorating. In late fall my friends and acquaintances start talking about "doing" the house, some with anticipation, some with resignation. I refuse. I don't like the clutter, I don't enjoy the disruption, and I see no reason to turn my house into a wannabee Wal-Mart.

I realize this might put me in the grinch category, but otherwise I do okay. I arrange and conduct a huge Christmas concert for my town every year. I support causes and caring during holiday drives. I work to find just the right present for everyone on my list. I even enjoy the holiday decorations put up by businesses, municipalities and ambitious homeowners. I just don't like decorating at my house.

I guess that sums up my Christmas dislike pretty well. Tomorrow I'll close this topic with the last of your listings and my own Christmas "best."

PS I did decorate a tree this year, just to prove I'm not a total Scrooge. Picture at left.

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