We are back in touch. The female hunting guide who inspired Antler Dust years ago still guides in The Flat Tops Wilderness Area on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. A woman I met during a book signing in Glenwood Springs told me how to find her. She had moved a few towns over but was listed in the phone book. I suppose if I had hired a detective -- anybody know a good one? -- I could have found her years ago. But I liked the way this worked out. Anyway, we chatted on the phone a few times and then met in Gypsum for coffee a couple weeks ago. I was in between book store signings in Dillon and Grand Junction. She's still in love with The Flat Tops -- but she's fairly busy these days as an emergency veterinarian. When we met years ago, she was in vet school, in between trips to the Flat Tops, so this makes sense. We have plans to go to back up next summer and this time the whole family might go, too. She's reading Antler Dust and I can't wait to hear her thoughts when she's done. It feels really good to close the loop with her after all these years. What a blast.

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Comment by Patricia Harrington on December 23, 2007 at 1:43am
I love this kind of story and maybe the gap in time before you found her again was meant to be. It's great that you'll get together again next summer and with family. Please let us know if you hear back from her as to how she liked Antler Dust. Thanks for posting.

Pat H.

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