Which of your writing goals did you make this year? I got one short story published, in The Heat of the Moment anthology for Echelon Press, benefitting victims of the San Diego, CA, wildfires through the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.I even got to participate in a signing. Those things were so cool I didn't even think to put something that good on my goals!

Also, I signed with an agent, and a publisher is considering my YA novel.

So a pretty good writing year, yet I'm still not satisfied! I think that's the point. We've all read NYT bestselling authors who phone it in after they hit the big time, or when hey hit book #7 in a series and rewarm plots, etc. It's like I've lived in my house for so long with a little child that I no longer see the multitude of cars and toys as anything other than natural decor. I could go through my house in the dark and not stop on anything! But that's a bit off topic and deals with another needed resolution for me.

In 2008 I want to finish the book I'm 3/4 of the way done with now, and do another adult audience book. I also have freelance nonfiction librarian projects due soon and want to get other proposals out. Also, I can clearly do better with blogging and other promotion.

Love is Murder is a great place to get inspired. My favorite panels have folks who are not afraid to talk about mistakes they have made. I always make it a point to leave with an outline for a new project, meet a couple new folks, learn about 2-3 new authors.

So what are your writing goals, and how do you think LIM will help you achieve them?

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