Inspiration (from the Oldies) for the End of 2007

As we look forward to a new year, let's take our cue from the coolest source ever...oldies. See if you can discern my New Year's resolutions from the hints:

In 2008:

1. "I will __________! I will ____________!" (disco)

2. "I'm gonna sit right down and __________ __________ ___ __________." (Old pop)

3. "Wherever you may hide away; I swear to you, I will be ________" (Les Miz)

4. "I'm gonna _________ when the Spirit says __________" (gospel)

5. "I won't ____________. Don't ask me." (40's musical)

6. "I won't __________ up!" (50's musical)

7. "We're not gonna __________ ___!" (TS)

8. "We'll keep on __________ till the end." (Q)

9. "We'll travel along, singing a song, ________ by _________." (pop)

10. "I will always love _______." (sappy standard)

I don't think you'll need it, but I'll post the answers tomorrow along with my reasoned resolve.

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