So many books… so little time. If only you had time to find the right ones. Of course that would require you to pick them up and read a couple of pages to know if they appeal to you, but who has time to do such a thing? Well, YOU do, if you do it the smart way. That would be by joining an OnLine Book Club at Dear -

This very personable web site run by Suzanne Beecher will make you an offer that no reader can refuse. Sign up for one of 15 specialized book clubs and every day, Monday through Friday, you'll receive a 5-minute read from a chapter of a book in your email. That means that by the end of the week, you'll have read 2 or 3 chapters and will either be hooked or will know it's one you'd just as soon pass on. All but 4 of these book clubs feature a new book every Monday (Audio, Horror, Science Fiction and PrePublication Clubs feature books every other week.)

Suzanne's e-mails tell me she's a grandmother. Her photo on the site would seem to contradict that assertion, but she's like my grandma in that she isn't trying to sell me something, she just wants me to try a little to see if I like it. If you fall in love with a book there is a way to order a copy, but the site really prompts you to visit your local library instead. In fact, your membership automatically connects you to a nearby library so you can place the book on hold there. So this is not a sales web site. What they really want is for you to read! As Suzanne says at the end of every e-mail, it's so good to read with friends.

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