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Pitt hasn’t so much burned all of his bridges as he has completely blown them up and ends the book, literally, with a declaration of war.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn is the third Joe Pitt casebook following 2005’s Already Dead and last years No Dominion. Since all of the Joe Pitt books have had the same release date, December 26th is becoming one of my favorite days of the year.

Each book tends to shed some light on some of the different clans, in No Dominion Pitt ventured into the territory of The Hood. The death of a blood dealer in the beginning of Half the Blood of Brooklyn acts as the catalyst for Pitt to venture out into the territory of some new clans to the series. Minor, lesser clans that hold less turf then the major clans do.

One of these clans gave me pause, I may not be the most ardent vampire student but I really had to rack my brain to remember even the slightest instance of this type of vampire being mentioned. This was one of the highlights of the book. (more)

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