They're serving champagne brunch at the Alamo

Okay, a little bit of an in-joke. I have to admit it is feeling like back-against-the-wall time. I've got the first (ever so rough) draft of Corpse Pose due to Berkeley at the end of next week, I've done content and line edits on three separate ebook projects (with another round of line edits to go), and I have a short story (does 20,000 words really count as a short story?) due next week.

So, needless to say, if I am a trifle slow in responding to emails or chatter or cries for help, I have a pretty good excuse. And if these excuses won't do, I'll get a note from my mom.

It's a good thing that I really, really love writing. I'd hate to think I was giving myself a nervous breakdown over something unimportant.

And what are you up to this fine spring morning?

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