As I get older, I give a lot of thought to making promises...especially to myself. Those are the ones I tend to keep the least, rationalizing that there's always time to restart a project, get better in the fitness department, read more, write more, travel more, and on and on. While the rationalizing assuages my conscience for a time, the blunt bare truth is I get caught up in everyone else's promises and put my own so far back on the stove that most of them boil dry. No more.

2008 is the year of one resolution...Keep the promises I make to myself. Perhaps that's not as catchy as "The Secret" (which seems to be all about the power of positive thinking in yet another guise) or as inspiring as Norman Vincent Peale, but I can live with it. And more importantly live it. I know where I want to be one year from today. If I keep my promises to me, I'll be there.

As simple as that? Yes. As long as I keep my resolution. I'm not discounting the unexpected or the possible obstacles. Things happen. Life throws a curve ball now and then. All the cliches in the world don't change that. BUT that curve ball can be a base hit, perhaps even a home run if we see it in the right light. That's part of the promise-keeping.

Check back with me. I'm determined and I'm ready. Happy 2008!

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