Virtual Book Tour – Unique and Unusual Book Promotion Option

The Virtual Book Tour site offers something for anyone who loves books. Readers have a chance to meet new authors. Authors get a chance to create a profile page to promote their books. Authors can opt to be a feature author and their work will be promoted on the site for a specific period of time. (Feature author promotion begins at only $105 a month.) The site also allows any person, author, business to promote their products or services on the site - free.

Virtual book tours give authors to opportunity to travel the internet, without leaving their home. Many authors visit various blogs, websites, and they may be mentioned on newsletters or review sites.

This approach offers a number of benefits:

  • · Much more cost effective than a physical book tour to different cities

  • · You don’t have to leave your home, job and family in order to tour

  • · It is a way to get information about you and your books circulating on the internet

  • · Virtual book tours generate book sales and a buzz about your book

  • · You will have additional search engine links to your website and to details about your books

  • · The Virtual Book Tour site is part of which had over 3,000,000 hits in 2007

I’m happy to announce a new way to accomplish these same benefits for you and your books, but this option offers more control for you and the tour coordinator who works with you.

Here are some problems I’ve seen with typical book tours:

  • · Tour stops on websites with low traffic

  • · Blog hosts forgetting to post your interview or posting late in the day

  • · Blog hosts posting the wrong information on the day when you are scheduled

What happens when people see the information about your tour and they go to the daily tour stop and your information isn’t online? This makes you look bad and often people don’t return to look for your post. The new Virtual Tour site gives you and your coordinator complete control over the information is posted and when it is posted. If you control your tour, post the information at any time that suits you. If you hire a coordinator, this person makes sure your information is posted on the right day.

Another benefit is that people don’t need to chase you around the internet. They can return to the same site during the month to visit you and to learn more. But, you might wonder how they will hear about your tour. That’s the beauty of our book tour site sponsors. We are always on the lookout for sponsors. These people post promotional information about the Virtual Book Tour site each week to circulate current details for their website or blog visitors. In return the site sponsors are given a dedicated page on the Virtual Book Tour site to promote their website, their blog, their book or their business. The site offers free and easy promotion for you and/or your business. Contact me about being a sponsor – I can be reached at and please put “Sponsor” in the subject line.

Nikki Leigh - Author of Book Promo 101

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