I just noticed that the blogs turn up on the main page right after having been written. While that surprised me, it is a wonderful thing, unless you are a constant re-writer such as myself. Following my nature, I changed a couple of words in my Dec. 31st blog, and it popped out of order. Chagrinned, I examined my last blog, Bookshine, changed the tense on the verbs in the first paragraph, and voila! Back in order. Also back on the front page. Since that isn't exactly fair, here is a new blog to take its place.

How many times do you go over your copy and change one or two words, just to make it right, only to go over it again the next day and change words again? I would give my pinkie finger to be able to get it down right, spelled correctly, with no typos and all tenses flowing the first time. Does it get better as you continue to write novel after novel, or is this a personal problem? Am I boring you yet? Heaven help me, I'm eying the above for proper placement of commas.

:-) Mari

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