Often I use this space to introduce you to great reads or to point you to web sites where you can find them. Today I want to show you how to save money on your book habit. I've discovered Smart Bookfinder.com, - http://www.smartmediafinder.com/buybooks - a price comparison search engine for Internet users. Just type in the title or author you're interested in and this thing searches every major online merchant and presents you with the lowest prices. That's how I learned that you can buy a brand new copy of my novel "Blood and Bone" for $6.91 at Textbook.com.

This web site, part of Smart Media Finder.com, will check online prices for new and used books, movies, music, and even video games. It will even check for the lowest prices on book rentals, and they offer a book buyback comparison service, if you want to sell books after you've read them. Not that any of us would do that.

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