Five things I love about being an author; five things I hate about being an author

The five things I love about being an author:

1. The incredible feeling of satisfaction I get when I write the last sentence of the first draft of a novel. I’m not done with the story by any means, but for me, getting the first draft down is the hardest part.

2. The way it feels when a book is really flowing and I can barely type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.

3. Seeing the cover of my book and getting to hold that baby in my hands.

4. Reading, reading, reading and calling it work.

5. Sitting in a rocking chair, daydreaming, and calling it work.

Five things I hate about being an author:

1. Promotion.

2. The way my hands and back feel at the end of a long day of typing.

3. The feeling when I get stuck on a book and can’t figure out where it’s going next or how I’m going to get my hero from point a to point b.

4. Rejections.

5. Negative reviews.

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