I am an award winning author. Originally I only wanted to claim to have written a novel. I progressed, fortunately, to wanting to be a published author. Oh my God, that happened. Never had I ever thought I would be an award winning author. Then in November my first book Shepherd's Pie received a Golden Wings award for excellence in writing. A pinnacle reached. What more could I ask? Then came an awful realization, I must do marketing. That nasty term. Being reduced to a book salesman from award winning author seemed anticlimactic. A step or seven down the ladder of success. It bludgeoned and harpooned my ego. The old air-out-of-the-balloon syndrome. I accept my fate. Please buy my books, or even just one. There I've done it. Prostrated myself in front of the whole internet. Jeez.
For those of you still reading this - buy my books. Go to www.wings-press.com and look me up. And here's a bit about my first book.

Shepherd's Pie -Private Detective Mike Shepherd chases fugitive Ferlin Husky Lewis who then embarks on a murderous rampage, stalking Mike and everyone Mike cares about.

And thanks for reading mysteries - even if they aren't mine.

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Comment by CT on April 5, 2007 at 12:54am
Congratulations on yout Golden Wings Award, it's wonderful, even if you do still have to beg us to buy your books. Good luck !

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