Murder and Mayhem at a Writer's Conference
Mysterical-E and The Muse Online Writer's Conference are sponsoring A

Here's the deal:
Mayhem and Murder at a Writer's Confab
You decide when and where the conference is taking place, even an
online conference if you like.

Conferences are filled with a variety of potential... uh... victims...
A fan? A rare book dealer? An autograph collector? A writer? An agent
? An editor? A conference organizer? The keynote speaker? A server at
a conference dinner? A room service guy? Some other hotel employee?
Is the murder connected to some other crime?

Length: up to 10,000 words
DEADLINE: May 15, 2008

Place MUSE CONTEST on the subject heading and within the body of your cover/submission.

Winners will be announced/published in the Summer 2008 issue.
Staff of Mysterical-E and of the Muse Online Writer's Conference and
their families are prohibited from submitting work to this contest

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