After posting the first paragraph of this fabulous little book the other day on my own site, I've finished it and written up a review in more detail (the link below will take you there).

All I can say is that this book felt so "French" to me, that I found reading it an absolute joy. Okay - strange comment, one of the central characters does a line in depressed and pathetic that would make you want to slash your wrists if you met him in a pub (or his, depending upon how much he got up your nose), and one of the other main characters spends so much time obsessed with hers (and others sex lives) that you'd be wondering what on earth you'd walked into if they were both in that pub. But at the heart of this book there was a fabulous character study which really worked amazingly well, without losing much focus from, what is after all, a multiple murder investigation. (All done in 176 pages I might add - now that's a joy if there ever was one!).

If, like me, you've been a bit slow in picking up GOAT SONG all I can say is get thee to a bookstore immediately!

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