I’m currently putting together a second collection of my crime short stories, provisionally entitled “You Can Jump and Other Stories.” It will include, in my opinion, almost all of my best crime fiction, and certainly almost all of my most-praised crime stories. I haven’t yet started looking for, or even thinking about looking for, a publisher for it, but if anyone’s interested in publishing it - let me know. The stories I plan to include are: The Hampstead Vegetable Heist; Where The Cat Came In; Nice People; Nice Place; So Where've You Buried The Missus Then, Paddy?; Reason To Believe; And What Can They Show, Or What Reasons Give?; You Can Jump; Back To The Land; Too Hot To Die; If All Is Dark; Persons Reported; The Hope Of The World; One Hand One Bounce; Jizz; Three Nil; The Dog’s Route ... ... or more, or less, depending on space.

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