I can never resist talking about it when I get positive feedback from a reader. That’s why I want to introduce you to Shelbie Wells.
We met at a Borders book signing, as is so often the case for me. I always ask people who purchase one of my novels to send me a note when they've read it to tell me what they think. Well, this was one reader who was true to her word and sent me a very flattering note about Blood and Bone, the book she picked up. She also asked if I had written more about Kyle, the boy around whom the book revolves. I must admit I haven't, but now I think I'll have to feature him in the next book I write.

I've made Shelbie's comments my featured review so you can see them on my web site - http://www.hannibaljonesmysteries.com. Thank you, Shelbie, your kind words.

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