Fourth Installment of Roland Longville series

Medusa, the fourth installment of the Roland Longville series, is in the can, after one last final edit. It's the sequel to the second novel, Magician, which has so far proven to be my own personal "best-seller." Magician has generated more kind emails and other feedback from fans than anything else I've done, so I was very nervous about writing this sequel, although I had deliberately left the ending open for just such a follow-up. I was nagged by the question:

Would I produce a second book that measured up to the first? Ultimately, I think I've done so, although the proof is in the pudding, (or is the fly in the ointment?). Has anyone out there written a sequel of a similar nature? Did they experience similar anxiety at the prospect of its release?

Be glad to hear your comments, advice, etc.

(Donations are gleefully accepted. Blank checks or unmarked bills only, please.)

ADDENDUM: (3/17/08) Happy St. Patrick's Day; Erin Go Braghe! and, as of this writing, Medusa is out, albiet as an eBook only for the time being. I am now free to concentrate on that stand-alone novel that I hope some agent will just be dying to take a look at so we can send it to a big ole publisher....anyone?

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