What the Heck Is a Book Launch Party, Anyway?

Mine is next Thursday, February 14th, which is a cool day to launch a romance, I think. I had not planned a party, since I live in the sticks and didn't think anyone cared. I am unashamed to admit that I was wrong, very wrong.

The local Friends of the Library called to say they'd like to host the launch, and it has become an Event, with a capital. They've done a lovely job of planning, and people assure me daily that not only do they plan to attend, but they look forward to it.

I am surprised, and of course, pleased. Why it's garnered so much attention I can't really say, though. True, I taught high school here for thirty years, so everyone knows me. True, our tiny town has never had, at least as far as I know, an author published traditionally on the national stage. And true, it's February, when cabin fever makes any outing sound like fun. In combination, I guess those factors add up to a reason to celebrate.

It's not the prospect of adulation that thrills me, because these people know me too well to be "adoring fans." Instead they are friends and acquaintances who happy for me, who want to recognize my work and the success it has brought. The best reason people come to any party: a wedding, a graduation, or a book launch, is because they want to help celebrate a milestone. And if a few come just for the cake and punch, I guess that's all right too.

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