Planning Another Trip, Writing A Sequel

I swear on a stack of Edgar Award Winners that I never thought I would be writing a sequel to Antler Dust.

But I have two problems.

The first problem is that I have a good idea for what's next for the main character, Allison Coil. I always thought that some series books put the main character through too much. Detective main characters? Sure, they can be subjected to a series of crimes and murders and mayhem. But non-detective main characters? Probably not. Nevada Barr does it so well, with the series of parks where Anna Pigeon works but still we know there will be a dead body turning up sooner or later. Lots of fun? Yes. Plausibility factor? Low. Aren't we mystery readers just a gullible lot? We don't care, just give us a good yarn!

The second problem is that the reviews have been fantastic and many of them have included references to something like, "surely not the last we have heard from Allison Coil."

Okay, I really have three problems. The third is that I am planning another trip this summer to the Flat Tops Wilderness, where Antler Dust takes place. And I'm planning it with the same female hunting guide who inspired the book in the first place.

In fact, just this past week The Vail Daily wrote a terrific review of Antler Dust and wrapped around it an interview with the same, real-life Renee Rumrill--one of the most talented and outdoorsy women anybody will ever get a chance to meet.

Here's the link to that story:

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