There was a time in my life when doubt reigned supreme, but that was before I met you.

There were those years, lost now in the haze of memory, when facing the new day was almost too much, when work was a necessary distraction from the darkness of rest, when even those most important of ties were tainted with an edge of sorrow. Back then, even my beloved pastime, writing, was not sufficient to dull the ache of too many broken promises.

But that, my dear, was before your love shone into my heart. Now, thanks to you, all things are possible, and joy is my close companion, whether it be at work, at play or at rest.

Oh yes, those doubts are still a part of me. They exist in my bones, and so will never truly disappear. But they, too, are now a gentle friend, a reminder to be humble and to recognise pain in others, and never to take for granted the happiness that we share.

Thank you, love, for everything you give so freely. I love you right back.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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