Day One of the trip was uneventful, though I'd been warned of snow squalls and lake effect accumulations. I visited a few libraries along the way and arrived to find that my books had been shipped to my son's house as planned. Now I have copies to sell at my events, always a good thing.
As I drive, I work on plot knots, and I'm amazed at how my brain picks them apart when it's uninterrupted by "home thoughts" and such. The sequel to MACBETH'S NIECE had become too complex, too bogged down with backstory, but suddenly I could see that combining characters and inserting a few lines can simplify it. I keep a tape recorder in the car for such moments, because they often get lost again if I don't capture them then and there.
Today I'm on my own for real. I have a destination, a specific time in which to get there, and no one to answer to but myself on how it's done. That's a lot like my story and in both cases, I intend to enjoy the journey.

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