I often point you to places on line that will help you find great writing. The Book Ninja - http://www.bookninja.com / - on the other hand, brings great writing to you. Almost every day, the Book Ninja gathers the most interesting, or controversial, or humorous writing about the world of literature from all over the internet. On your own you might miss an article about the new $100G Sami Rohr prize that asks, “Do Jews write Jewish novels?” or the piece in The Onion claiming satirically that the use of the phrase “don't skimp on the...” is linked to heart disease.

The mysterious Book Ninja also manages to round up all the news from Australia, Great Britain and other English speaking literary lands. The only negative to this site is that it might get you in a head lock that you can never break free of.

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Comment by Elizabeth Zelvin on February 21, 2008 at 5:02am
Whoa, wait a minute. Are you saying they might give me $100,000 for writing a brilliantly smartass essay on how my debut mystery is a Jewish novel even though my nice Jewish codependent character is only a sidekick? What's the url? Lead me to it! Or do you mean I'd have to write a genuinely Jewish novel to be eligible for the contest?

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