Virtual Tales promotional: 30% off titles

Virtual Tales has revamped their website and are doing a 30%-off promotional of their titles until March 9.

This also means that links to Fraterfamilias on the site have changed. The new one is:, so please update any links that you have to the novel's ordering page at Virtual Tales. The Virtual Tales address hasn't changed though.

See their press release below:

"Virtual Tales, a publisher of eBooks, eSerials and trade paperbacks
spanning a variety of fiction genres and styles, announced the start
of a new promotion to showcase its new website and delivery options
for its eBooks and eSerials. Starting Friday, February 22, 2008
through Sunday, March 9, 2008, customers will receive an automatic
30% off their entire purchase.

"Our new shopping cart lets customers download their eBooks
immediately after purchase--which is a big improvement over our old
site," said Dave A. Law, Chairman of Virtual Tales. "Prior to our
website upgrade, the eBooks were sent out via e-mail within 24-hours,
so our customers had to wait to read their eBooks. What's more, our
website upgrade has enabled us to add significant improvements to our
eSerial delivery options."

Prior to the website upgrade, eSerials were delivered in 1,500-2,000
word installments twice a week using a genre-based schedule. The new
website now automatically delivers the next installment for each
title once a day. Customers can choose between RSS and e-mail
delivery, and best of all, each installment comes with a link that
will send out the next installment immediately. This means that
customers can read an entire eSerial in one sitting, if they so

"The changes in our eSerial delivery options give our customers the
ability to tailor their eSerial subscription to suit their needs,"
continued Law. "If they get to a really good part of a story and
don't want to wait another day to find out what happens, they can
click on the link and they'll get the next installment in just a few
minutes, with no limit to the amount of installments they can
request. And no matter where they leave off, their subscription will
continue automatically the next day with the proper installment,
allowing them to read at their own pace, whenever convenient."

To showcase the new website and delivery upgrades, Virtual Tales will
be offering a 30% discount off all purchases made at their website
( from Friday, February 22nd through Sunday,
March 9th. The special discount will automatically be applied to each
item as it is added to the shopping cart. There is no limit to the
amount of titles that can be purchased at the discounted rate, and
all eBook and eSerial formats are covered under the promotion. As
Fictionwise Club Members normally get a 15% discount, and Kindle
offers a regular 20% discount, this promotion offers the best value
available anywhereóbut only for a limited time. As always, visitors
can sign up for a free trial to sample any story before purchasing.

Virtual Tales is a privately held partnership founded in 2005 to
publish original works of general and genre fiction in multiple
formats, including eBooks, eSerials and print. eBooks are offered in
a variety of formats, including MobiPocket, Microsoft Reader and PDA-
formatted Adobe Reader files. eSerials are delivered daily by email
as Adobe Reader files suitable for reading on a PC, Mac, PDA, e-
reader, cell phone or other devices. All eSerials are available for a
free trial subscription, so readers everywhere are encouraged to
visit the website and sample the offerings at no cost or obligation.

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