Rain Books have sent out the first round of press releases for my forthcoming release 'Glastonbury'. As they are in Canada I'm not familiar with the publications they use over there, but they have sent me a list of newspapers they have sent the release to in the UK, which includes 'The Times'. I'm impressed by the long list of newspapers around the country that they have submitted the release to. This is what they've said about it:
Rain Publishing Inc.
Brian L Porter

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Exploring the Dark Side of Human Nature

Porter digs deep into the minds and psyche of human nature, when creating his fictional characters, even the heroes are flawed and fallible, no ‘cardboard cut-outs” here.

UK- Brian L Porter is no stranger to dark psychological thrillers and mysteries, with four paperbacks from various world wide publishers, and a Top Ten finisher in the annual Preditors and Editors Readers Awards for mystery prose-- Kwips and Kritiques quotes his latest work Glastonbury to be released this spring by Rain Publishing Inc. as “Vivid… The villains Porter has created in this book are truly easy to despise and the heroes are a pleasure to root for.”

Porter extensively researches details, using knowledge from police forces, and in particular the Scottish forces-he is surrounded with books on forensics, true crime, and history matters and injects these facts into his muse combining effortlessly true facts with fictional entertainment.

When asked how Porter came up with the title of Glastonbury he told us that he visited the town of Glastonbury many times in his life, and had always been awed by the sense of history and mystery that surrounds the old abbey and the town itself.” When I needed a location for the novel I could think of no better place than Glastonbury, with it’s connections to history and legend, and the simple title Glastonbury is intended to be a mystery in itself, as it gives little clue as to the depth of the mystery contained within its pages.”

“The locations used in the book are for the most part realistic, though some of the names of individual places are fictional. The references to the technical use of the Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used by Strata Survey Systems are the results of research into the procedures used by those working with the equipment and as such are as accurate as it was possible to make them in the context of the story.” Porter quotes.

Porter’s writing style write described as bordering on the edge of the mind, and digging deep into the minds and psyches of the characters he creates will be a pure delight for fans of mystery thrillers.” I love exploring the ‘dark side’ of human nature, and in so doing I try to make my characters, even the heroes, flawed and as fallible as the next person. I try to avoid ‘cardboard cut-out’ or stereotyped heroes and villains.”

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