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As one of the contributing authors to the blog, I posted two articles this past week on MURDER BY 4 that I hope you'll find interesting. The first is titled "A Chance Meeting." I wrote this short scene as a challenge to write a scene between my character Sam Harper and author Aaron Lazar's Gus LeGarde protagonist. This was a fun challenge for me because I wrote it from Gus LeGarde's point of view instead of Harper's. Those who have read either of these series will hopefully find some familiarities between the ambiance in this piece and those created in the series.

The second article is titled, "The Perfect Crime."

This week's guest bloggers on MURDER BY 4 are: Marilyn Meredith, author of award winning Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series will be featured on 3/3/08 and Felicia Donovan, author of the Black Widow Agency series will be featured on 3/7/08. Both ladies are members of this NING group. Please stop by, read about their fascinating work and success stories.

Please join us in welcoming our guest bloggers and post your comments!

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