Ripped From The Headlines!!!!!!!!!!!

Not exactly.

But I am in the position of being able to exploit a current news story to sell a book that was written five years ago. (Yes, the wheels of publication do run slowly.)

Yesterday, an eco-terrorist group called the Earth Liberation Front (using the adorable acronym ELF) set fire to three multi-million dollar mansions in a Seattle suburb. Fortunately, the houses were unoccupied and no one was hurt or killed. Of course, ELF prides itself on never harming a living being, only property.

In my book Tree Huggers, a house very much like the luxury homes in Seattle is burned to the ground, supposedly by an ecoterrorist group very much like ELF. However, there are people in this house, and they die.

Those of us who write murder mysteries occasionally find ourselves having written books that parallel real-life cases purely by coincidence. Yes, we like having the publicity, but there's a downside. Every murder victim leaves a family and they deserve to be treated with respect and sympathy, not to have their pain used to sell more books.

I know those developers must be feeling a great deal of pain at the loss of their houses, but they also have insurance. They'll get over it.

No, I am not condoning eco-terrorism (although I don't mourn the loss of another humoungous house built for people with more money than sense.) And I don't expect this story to make Tree Huggers a best-seller. But I am hoping that anyone who's interested in this story might enjoy reading a fictionalized account of this group.

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