Today is the last "event" of my Florida trip. At about 3:00pm, I'll be officially headed home, and that's a good thing. It's good to get away, better to get home, in my experience.

Some observations:
Many people are impressed at meeting writers. I'm always shy about announcing my work, but people are very nice, even deferential.
Hotels vary widely. The one I'm in at present is expensive, but there are serious gaps in service. The one I was in before this was so eager to get everything right that it was almost embarrassing.
You do get a lot of thinking done when you're alone for weeks. I'm not sure it's all productive, but you do ponder.
Writing is easier some times than others. Yesterday was a good day: sort of in-between appointments, I had nothing to do but write, and a lot was accomplished. Other days, when I have an event pending, I can't concentrate, so it isn't any better than home with the phone and the other distractions.
Last: it's hard to blog when there are two dozen people circling. Maybe tomorrow's entry will be more coherent!

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