I have not let moss grow under my feet since my acceptance for publication at Enspiren Press. Although having Avenging Angel accepted has meant as much to me as the birth of my children (so you know it means a TON), I know that I must continue to evolve and grow and feed the hunger of the masses of fans that I am accumulating.

So I am proud to announce the soon-to-be released short story, THE MASK, will be out in the Spring issue of http://www.mouthfullofbullets.com- Mouthfull of Bullets, which should be out this month for everyone's reading pleasure. Then this summer, I will be privileged enough to have TWO short stories coming out, one in MFOB and the other in http://www.mystericale.com - MYSTERICAL E, another great mystery/suspense short story market.

I couldn't be happier about my fortune in having my work presented, and hope you will make plans to be a part of all this excitement by buying issues of these wonderful 'zines.

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