Spring is on the way, supposedly, although I’ve just heard the weather forecast here in the UK and the weathermen are talking about icy showers and maybe even snow! I haven’t seen any new born lambs as yet, but I think our local farmer has them on high ground at the moment – so maybe we’ll get to see them gambolling about in the fields pretty soon.

I had a great weekend with family. We went out for a huge family meal and celebrated three birthdays: my daughter Leyna’s 21st, her cousin Ellie’s 5th and their grandmother’s 69th. We ended up singing ‘Happy Birthday!’ three times in succession and the birthday cakes had to be relight as the overhead fans kept blowing them out!

The end of February saw the release of my romantic comedy, A TASTE OF HONEY. I was absolutely gob smacked to find three people were bidding for it at e-bay just a few days after its release. That was also the week when only one copy was left in stock at Amazon [so hopefully that was a good sign! They’ve restocked since.]

I ran a competition on my blog offering the chance for entrants to win a copy. The winner was Sarah Elizabeth Rose. So congratulations go to her and a copy is on its way to her as I write this. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, it’s available at your favourite Borders.

The final galley has been submitted to The Wild Rose Press of WATCHING YOU, my romantic suspense. I have to say out of all my books this has been my absolute favourite to write. It was fun but at the same time chilling getting into the mind of a serial killer. You can read an excerpt here:


That's it for now! Hope you have a Happy Easter or whatever you happen to celebrate at this time of the year!

Lynette Rees
Available from Amazon and Borders right now!

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