A Few Good Sisters in Crime Members Need

I'm sure all of you have thought about volunteering for Sisters in Crime. I have a great opportunity for you to join in and improve Books in Print.

As most of you know, Sisters in Crime had a difficult time this year making the transition from collecting data by hand for Books in Print to collecting data on the web site. For 15 years one person, currently Vicki Cameron, collected the data, edited the data, answered 3,000 e-mail per edition and worked endless hours. In this day and age the organization can't afford these old school ways. Vicki did get a paycheck which probably amounted to under a dollar an hour. For one year we notified author members to visit the web site and list their books as we were going to take the paper version from the web site in 2008. Many did not and many were frustrated with the process. And then to top it all off we had glitches which deleted some listings and altered others.

Some of our members need your help!

Please e-mail me at sistersincrime@juno.com and volunteer to help the authors who can't navigate the process of listing their books on the web site. If I'm lucky, I will hear from 3-4 of you who have patience and computer knowledge to "walk" these members through the process. Once I have a group of you in place we will all discuss the procedure. I would like to ask one of you to step up and be the chair of this group and set up procedures for the group.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Beth Wasson
Exec. Secretary, Sisters in Crime
PO Box 442124, Lawrence, KS 66044
785-842-1325, fax 785-856-6314
sistersincrime@juno.com, web site www.sistersincrime.org

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Comment by Alison Pearce on March 25, 2008 at 6:36pm
I so wish I had the technological know how to be involved in this! I have visited the website many times, dreaming my dreams and following what's new. Good luck with finding people to help out and keep print alive!

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