I take an English class on Monday nights till 10. The professor often has us work together in groups. So far I've worked with two different girls and two different guys. This one guy asked me if we could exchange e-mail addresses incase one of us misses a class we could keep each other informed and up to date with what's going on in the class. I thought, sure, why not. This way if I ever do miss a class I hadn't planned on missing I could find out what I missed. WELL! I received this e-mail from him last night: (We don't have school tonight because of the holiday and are following a Monday schedule on Wednesday.)

Hi baby. I didn’t attend our last week’s class session so I am written to request at least, some information about it. Also pls. send me, if possible, a copy of your second writing assistant’s draft.

I see you Wednesday night. I missed the class, especially you.

Your classmate

First of all, where does he get off calling me baby? There was never more than class work between us. I sure as hell never gave him any ideas.

Second and worst of all, how dare he ask to see my work?? This is an individual assignment! We're supposed to write a 4 page paper on three of Flannery O'Connor's short stories comparing narrative elements and themes.
This e-mail shocked the heck out of me!

My first instinct was to tell him a thing or two! But, I asked advice from my friend and brother and I just answered him telling him what he missed and I ignored the rest.

Can you believe it?

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Comment by Patrick Balester on April 2, 2008 at 1:10pm
Yeah, I believe it. Some guys are just jerks...I should know, that's what my ex-wife tells me anyways. LOL

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